Sunday, August 13, 2017

Waist Trainer Vest with Adjustable Straps

A waist trainer vest is by far one of favorite shapewear for some customers. Waist trainer vest is a waist trainer with the vest-style design. Just like the regular waist trainer, this vest-style waist trainer also has some benefits to help the wearer in a waist training process. Wearing any waist trainer vest also helps reduce the waistline by a few inches. Since it is constructed with the vest-style design, this cincher has some additional advantages for the wearer which are not provided by the regular style.

Besides the basic purposes for waist training, there are many benefits of waist trainer vest which are very helpful for the wearer. One of the strengths is to overcome the back fat bulge. Usually, when wearing a regular waist trainer or a tight waist compression, it causes a back fat bulge, especially for some of the wearers with plus size. Luckily, the vest-style design of this waist trainer vest can help us to waist train without getting that annoying back fat bulge. Since the waist trainer vest can cover some area of the back, this cincher provides smoother silhouette that accentuates the natural beauty of the wearer. By featuring thin adjustable straps which look like bra straps for this waist trainer vest, it makes waist training almost undetectable. Although the straps are thin, they are sturdy enough. The straps also allow the wearers to get the perfect fit of the waist trainer vest so that they can get the optimal benefits of the waist trainer vest.

Waist trainer vest is available in the various style of straps, corset, closure, material, color, and even construction. Every shapewear product has its own strengths and weaknesses, so you need to know the complete detail about the product if we want to choose the one that suits you. Reading a review of the product is also pretty helpful to get the perfect choice of many selections. If it is necessary, you can visit to get some complete review of top waist trainer vests. Besides reading a product review by professional, you can also read the customer review of the product to know the other’s experience after using it. Below, we have some examples of waist trainer vest with adjustable straps with a quick review for each item.

1. Colombian Faja Latex Semi-Vest, Waist Trainer

It is a semi-vest latex waist trainer of Diva that slims your waist by a few inches when you wear it. The adjustable straps of this waist trainer help you adjust the vest to get the compression that fits perfectly to your body.wearing this semi-vest waist trainer increases thermal activity and also maximizes the results from our workout session to achieve the desired figure. With 2 hook and eye columns on the closure, you are allowed to close the shaper with the perfect compression that you want.

2. Waist Trainer Vest Girdles Firm Shapers

It is a seamless underbust shaper waist cincher which is designed to help you reduce your waistline and get a 1-2 size smaller instantly. It is really a fantastic shaper that will look so good under any special dress. The excellent construction of this waist trainer vest provides tummy control and back support. The extra lining of this waist trainer vest is helping to shape the waistline, flatten stomach, and also support the back so that a beautiful body shape is possible for the wearer. Featuring thin straps that look like bra straps make it contours to the body for all day comfort.

3. Colombian Waist Trainer Vest with Thin Adjustable Straps

This Sthetic semi-vest is designed with an excellent construction to provide some benefits for the wearer. It can slim down sizes instantly by reducing the waistline up to 2 sizes instantly. The vest-style design is helpful for controlled bra bulge and back fat and accelerated weight loss up to 4 inches after 4 weeks. The main purpose of this waist trainer vest is to provide smoother & more classic silhouette and provided corrected & more confident posture. It also lifts under-bust gently, reduces any back pain, strengthens the core, boosts the thermal activity, and helpful for post-pregnancy figure restoration.

4. Ann Chery Latex Waist Trainer Vest with Adjustable Straps Nude

This Ann Chery Classic Hourglass Latex Waist Cincher is constructed to create a beautiful curvy shape and sculpt inches off the midsection immediately. It is the ultimate waist training corset of the leading brand which is simply the best. It can be the best choice for getting that hour glass look. By wrapping this band around your midsection, immediately it creates compression in your core, stimulating thermal activity and also ramping up perspiration. It is the important process that allows toxins and impurities to exit the skin, while also mobilizing fat cells.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Free People Sports Open Back Tank Tops

Open back tank top is one of the most favorite sports tops wear almost for all sports exercises and workouts. When you need to feel cool and fresh during the exercises in the hot-day, the airy design of the tank is the perfect solution. That’s why we can see sports apparel companies and retailers are competing to create the best airy tank top that allows the wearers feel comfortable and cool during the hot-day workouts. If you are planning to add some new collections of the open back tank top to your fitness wardrobe, any of the Free People sports open back tank tops below can be your alternatives:

Get a full range of motion during the workout in this trendy tank with contrast trim which is ready in two color options: black and white. This Free People tank top has stylish racerback with center knot detail that gives you cool and fresh sensation during the workout without sacrificing the look. It is a chic sports tank top with raw-edge trim, and curved hem added to this laid-back look to make you feel great and free to move your body. The material of this tank is comfortable stretch viscose blend. It is suitable for almost all workouts and sports exercises like Yoga, Pilates. etc. Since it is a loose model, make sure you choose the right size to get the best fit and comfortable for any movement.

Feel free to move your arms with this sports open back tank top of Free People which is the perfect tank top for working out or running errands. Besides free you for every movement, the racerback design of this tank top gives you a turning head appearance. This sports tank top is made of comfortable stretch microfiber which is available in two color options: black and white. If you plan to get this tank top, make sure you choose the right size if you want to get the one that fits you perfectly.

This sports tank top is the perfect choice for a workout in style by wearing this stylish tank. It is made of breathable stretch microfiber that is designed with a unique cut-out open back design for added flair so that you can feel cool and comfortable during the workout. The built-in wide-free mesh shelf bra of this tank top gives you light support during the exercises. This tank is also designed with light compression throughout to offer added support to your body during any pose of the workout.

Get a full freedom to move your body and arms during the workout in this trendy tank with criss-cross back straps. This tank is not designed with a built-in bra so that you can make it as the perfect item for layering over your sports bra. With the comfortable stretch polyester blend as the material of this tank, you can feel more comfortable during the workout on a hot day. Make sure you choose the right size for you so that it fits you perfectly.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

How to Get the Right Sauna Waist Trainer Size

Waist trainer has been a secret of fabulous body shape for decades almost in every country. Every company of sauna waist trainer has made improvements to their product to offer a better result to the wearer. Along with the innovations that have been raised by the companies, there are many kinds of sauna waist trainers which are designed for different purposes. Dealing with this matter, if you want to start using any waist trainer, make sure that you know the purposes of waist trainer to choose to know what you can and can’t do while wearing it.

By the different purposes of every kind of waist trainer, you need to know that some waist trainers out there can’t be worn to do everything. There are some companies who offer workout waist trainer, but in fact, the waist trainer is not capable of being worn for all types of exercises. You may be also familiar with a steel-boned waist trainer which can be worn when you sleep, but with the steel-boned design, this corset is not suitable for working out.

Besides knowing the different purposes of every kind of waist trainer, choosing the perfect size is very crucial for you. First thing first, if you want to know how to get the right sauna waist trainer size that fits you perfectly, you’ll need to measure your natural waist size. By measuring the natural size of your waist size, you can choose the right size of waist trainer that you want. After you get your natural size of your waist, you can see the provided size chart of the sauna waist trainer you want to buy to get the right size. You can also consult your size with the authorized services of the manufacturer so that they can suggest the right size for you, especially if you are in between sizes. If you want to order a sauna waist trainer online, you can consult your size with the provided customer services of the manufacturer.

Considering that having the right size of sauna waist trainer is essential to get the maximum comfort, here, we have listed some simple steps to measure your natural waist size. First, make sure you have removed any clothing that is covering midsection before you start measuring it. After that, make sure you know which part of your body is called as the waist. The midsection you need to measure is the area between the bottom of your ribs and the tops of your hip bones. It is the part of your body where you bend from side to side which is usually the narrowest part of your torso. If you have already known which part of your body to measure, now you can wrap a measuring tape around the waist, then keep it parallel to the floor so that the measuring tip sits evenly around your waist. When you measure your waist size, make sure that the measuring tape fits snugly against your torso, but it doesn’t dig into it. To make sure that you get the right size of your waist, don’t such in your stomach when you measure it that will make your waist seem smaller that it is. The last step, look down to see wherever the end of the measuring tape is sitting. That’s it; now you get the natural size of your waist. After getting the natural size of your waist, you can’t just order and choose the size of sauna waist trainer that you want because sizing can differ slightly depending on the manufacturer. That’s why you still need to consult your size before you order any cincher.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Best Selling Ann Chery Waist Trainers

Ann Chery is one of the trusted top brands of shapewear on the market today. So, if you are a beginner, you can trust your first experience of waist cincher on any of Ann Chery shapewear. As a leading company of shapewear, Ann Chery provides a wide range of size and style to fit the most of people’s needs. As we know, what you need of a body cincher might be different from what other people need, that’s why this top brand is offering different size and style of shapewear to ensure that any of you can choose the one which has the precise requirements.

No matter what you are, a new beginner or just someone who need something new about waist cincher, Ann Chery can be the perfect choice for you. If you are not sure which waist trainer is right for you and how to choose the right body cincher for you, we have a summary of the characteristics of every Ann Chery shapewear types.
• Workout waist trainer
This kind of shapewear helps you increases thermal activity and is ideal for maximizing gym result for shaping your body.
• Latex waist shaper vest
This shapewear type is a waist cincher vest that helps to create a beautiful shape in seconds. The cinching power of this cincher is supported by thick straps and then reinforced seams for maximum support to the bust and back.
• Strapless Slimming Shaper
This full body shaper is a lighter bodysuit with a flat-belly belly latex panel that controls your midsection
• Seamless firm control body shaper
This type is suitable for you who love the tightest, form-fitting fashions to help you slim your figure without creating those telltale lines and show-through that sometimes comes with shapers.
If you are ready with the requirements of cincher you want, let’s take a look at the list below containing the best selling Ann Chery Waist Trainer.

1. Metallic Edition 3Hooks Women Latex Black Waist Cincher
Wearing this waist cincher helps you shape your body with a Faja. It is very good to sculpt and smooth your waist instantly.This cincher comes with three rows of hook and eye levels to close the latex girdle to provide a different level of compression that you want. The use of this body cincher is perfect for everyday use or recovering your waistline after giving birth. There are several sizes of this model to ensure that you can choose the one with the right compression for your size. Therefore, if you decide to pick any of this model, make sure you choose the right size for you. For the color option of this model, this waist cincher is available in black, pink and blue.

2. Metallic Edition Women Latex Shaper Waist Cincher Faja
This waist trainer provides tighter compression to help you reduce your waistline and control your figure. In this model, the latex is not exposed because it is covered with a metallic lining on the outside layer. The inside layer of this waist cincher is covered with a cotton lining that provides freshness and comfort and protects skin from latex. As you can see on the image of this model, there are four color options you can pick.

3. Waist Trainer and Shaper
This waist trainer is very helpful to shape your body with its latex waist training corset that won’t suffocate you. It helps you sculpts and smoothes your waist instantly. This waist trainer is suitable for sports exercises for weight loss with comfort and freshness because the inner layer of this cincher is covered with a cotton lining which also protects your skin from latex.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Waterproof drawstring sports bags for women

What do you need to bring when you are going to the gym? What do you use to carry all your workout essentials and your personal belongings? Preparing the workout essentials before going to the gym is very important to do so that you won’t miss anything of during and after workout essentials. You may also need to bring some personal belongings such as your smartphone, laptop, wallet, makeup kit and more. It sounds like you will need a bag with a large compartment to carry all the listed items. Maybe a drawstring sports bag is what you need.
The drawstring bag is a bag that is closed at the top with a drawstring. At a glance, drawstring bags might look small and insignificant, but you can load many things easily with a large opening. Drawstring bags are the most versatile and also useful bags you can come across. Those bags are mostly known for their ability to load properties, that’s why it is suitable for you who needs to bring a lot of things to the gym. Not only the large compartment of this string bag you can get, but you can also take another advantage of the wide opening of the bag. The drawstring bag is lightweight so you can carry much more load with this bag. Along with the invention of waterproof technology, now drawstring bag is also available with this waterproof ability. You can keep all workout essentials and your personal belongings safely in the waterproof drawstring bag. Here, there are several waterproof drawstring sports bags for women. You might be interested in any of the drawstring bags below:

1. Waterproof Drawstring Sports Bag, lightweight sackpack backpack for Men and Women
This bag is made of Nylon. This bag is durable, waterproof, and uses double layer water-resistant fabric with adjustable wide and comfortable shoulder straps. This gym bag is sturdy and lightweight, suitable for any outdoor or indoor activity.

2. Gym Yoga Sports School Travel Lightweight Waterproof Drawstring Bag Backpackgym-yoga-sports-school-travel-lightweight.jpg
This fashionable and lightweight drawstring bag has ample room to store all the essentials and your personal belongings for the workout. This bag is suitable for sports, Gym, Yoga, Golf, Workout, Fitness, Dance, and Travel.

3. Chnano Drawstring Bag, Nylon Foldable Sackpack Backpack for Men Women
This drawstring bag is made of waterproof nylon material which is good to keep your stuff dry. The design of this bag offers good durability, high quality, soft and breathable waterproof nylon with adjustable shoulder straps.

4. Esvan Proof Gymbag Large Drawstring Backpack Gymsack Sackpack for Sports Traveling Basketball Yoga Running
This versatile drawstring gym bag is a functional drawstring bag which is suitable for men and women. This bag is lightweight for speed and convenience that is good for maximum flexibility, and durability.

5. Nike Heritage Gym Sack
This drawstring gym bag is made of waterproof fabric. It is a perfect companion for athletic, sports and more. The design of this gym bag uses shoulder straps to offer easy carrying and the drawstring cord closure at the top for easy access.